Chip shop co-workers have twins two days apart


TWO friends who work in the same chip shop are celebrating after each gave birth to twins – two days apart.

Hayley Holland and Michaela Strachan worked together at Ashvale fish and chip shop in Brechin, Angus, for many years and were due four months apart.

But with one set of twins born 13 weeks early, and the other induced three weeks before schedule, both mums were celebrating within days of each other.

Hayley, 26, said her twins Keanu and Kennedy arrived prematurely on November 2 – three months early.

The pair spent time at Ninewells Hospitals  SCBU premature baby unit, Keanu for nine weeks and Kennedy for 14 weeks, before being allowed home.



Hayley, 26, said: “They went for intensive care, with incubators, ventilators, all wired up.

“Andy had to go back to his work and we had the boys as well so we would only get to go up about teatime, it was scary.

“Kennedy just got home last week and we’ve got on great since then.”

The couple still have to carry a breathing monitor with them when they travel.

Hayley’s fiancé Andy Nestorow, 31, added: “This just checks her breathing and keeps on beeping every so often, if she doesn’t breathe in 20 seconds it goes off.

“It was just her oxygen that was holding her back but the more she grows she needs it less.”

Michaela had a slightly less traumatic experience, giving birth to Keirra and Riley after being induced at 37 weeks.

The 21-year-old said: “Keirra had a raised fontanelle (skull) which could have been a big problem but she had an MRI scan and it came back clear.



“We got moved to Montrose maternity unit the next day after having them, and the care was great.

“I’ve got a wee boy Kade already. It’s been a bit hectic with the children but we are setting into a routine now.”

Ashvale operations manager Stuart Devine said he was delighted all four babies are healthy.

He joked: “We’ve got a lot of recruitment potential for the future.

“It was quite funny the girls having twins at the same time, given that the shop’s so small.”

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