UN Secretary General joins the ‘Bankies’, whether he likes it or not


CHEEKY Clydebank FC fans have made UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon an honorary member of their supporters club.

The club’s fans – known as “Bankies” – have  a soft spot for the world leader because his name sounds like theirs.

Now Korean-born Ban can claim another accolade as well as being head of the global peace-making organisation, he is a member United Clydebank Supporters Football Trust (UCS).

Ban is a Clydebank FC fan whether he likes it or not


The campaign to woo the top leader began last year when UCS director John Cummings wrote to the top diplomat’s office in New York inviting him to become a member of the club.

But Ban’s office seemed to have misunderstood the Bankies’ offer, and wrote back with a curt letter saying they could not provide funds.

A subsequent letter clarifying that the club was not after any UN funding did not receive any response.

However UCS have generously decided to grant Ban Ki-moon membership whether he likes it or not, and a framed certificate has been sent to him in the post.

The honorary membership was granted at the annual sportsman’s dinner on Saturday.



Mr Cummings, 72, who also picked up an honorary membership, said: “It was a pity Ban Ki-moon misunderstood our first letter.

“We tried to explain we weren’t looking for money but heard nothing back so we thought it would be a good idea to make him an honorary member whether he likes it or not.

“It’s all just a bit of fun and hopefully he’ll take it in the right spirit. It would be nice to think his certificate might take pride of place in his New York office.”

He added: “Ban Ki-moon is in good company now and if he ever wants to come to a game I’m sure he’ll be made very welcome.”