Church of Scotland row over Anti-gay film


THE head of the Church of Scotland has been criticised for his link to an anti-gay clergy film.

The Right Rev Albert Bogle, Moderator of the General Assembly, was formerly the director of Sanctus Media. The firm’s clients sent a “partisan” pro-traditionalist film to all of Scotland’s 900 parish ministers.

The DVD, titled: Facing the Reality – Can Someone in a Same Sex Relationship be a Christian Minister? is a series of interviews from ministers around Scotland which discusses homosexuality, the bible and the church.

 Dave Bullock

The film comes just eight weeks ahead of the critical debate on gay clergy. Scripted by a Glasgow minister, Sanctus Media say they had no input into the content.

During one of the DVD interviews, Rev Stuart Smith said: “It seems to me the issue is the unity of the church in a society which is changing. We can’t simply follow the lead of the world. We’ve got to follow god’s lead.”

Later, Dr Alistair May, a parish minister in Glasgow, said: “The important thing to remember is, it’s quite explicit within the New Testament that homosexual practice is not to be condoned.”

The Moderator declined to comment.


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