$4,000-a-nip rum arrives in Scotland


THE world’s most expensive rum arrived in Scotland today – costing £2,627 a measure.

Legacy, a dark rum, was distilled by Angostura and created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the independence of its native Trinidad.

For  $4,000 (£2,627)  a 35ml measure can be sipped and the 500ml bottle can be purchased for $25,000 (£16,425).

The rum costs $4,000 a nip
The rum costs $4,000 a nip


Rum fanatics have been told the bottle will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

Tasting stock is extremely limited and only organised Edinburgh rum connoisseurs will have the chance to sample it as the session is now fully booked.

John Georges, Angostura’s master distiller said: “We set out to create the greatest sipping rum ever produced and we believe we have achieved something that is both unique and unequalled.

“As there are only 20 bottles of Legacy by Angostura in the world, once they have been sold, there will be no more available.”

Legacy will be travelling to the UK, Greece, Russia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Trinidad and Tobago on its 2013 tour.

Currently there is a bottle at the Playboy bar in London, which sells Legacy by the glass.

There will also be there chance to taste in Harrods within the next few weeks.

The rum is described as having sweet, dried fruit flavours and, as it fills the mouth with warmth, the notes become nutty and spicy.

The finish is long with trailing flavours of orange zest and oak, distillers say.

The Caribbean company has been distilling rum for 200 years.

Seven of Angostura’s rums each have a minimum age of 17 years.

The rum travelling to Scotland is one of only 20 decanters ever released and is presented in a bespoke 500ml crystal and silver decanter which was designed by the jewelers to the Prince of Wales, Asprey of London.

Organisers of the tasting session are keeping its location a secret.




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  1. Of course no rum, and just a few single malts are worth this price. It’s a spirit for the 0.1% who have enough money to buy it simply because they can. But let’s say this rum is actually worth the ridiculous price of admission. The questions I’d ask of course are:

    1. A complete description of it’s production from raw material, to yeast and fermentation, to distilling and aging – all with complete details of the still, storage, wood et al and honest ages.

    2. A statement that the bottle contains nothing but distilled rum and not a molecule of flavoring, sugar, glycerol, sherry, prunes, glycerine, coloring, or any other additive of any kind.

    Wanta share? It’s worth $5.00 for me to know…

  2. My dear sirs: You recently moderated out my comments, which were respectful, but which honestly stated that no rum is worth this price, especially with no detailed discussion of its entire production, from raw material, to fermentation and yeast, distillation method and time, aging and woods.

    Apparently an honest inquiry and realistic challenges to the claim of “finest rum ever made” is unacceptable. Shame on you.

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