Thieves pocket hundreds of porridge bars during early morning raid


HUNDREDS of porridge bars have been stolen from the warehouse of a porridge company.

The ransack saw thieves walk off with valuable electrical equipment, as well as 15 cases of an unreleased apple and cinnamon breakfast bar from Stoats’ warehouse in Edinburgh.

Police are now investigating the break-in, which took place between Thursday night and Friday morning last week and saw the offices “turned upside down”.

Mr Stone is hopeful that the porridge bars will help find the thieves.
Mr Stone is hopeful that the porridge bars will help find the thieves.


The company now believes the bars themselves will be key to tracking down the thieves.

Stoats managing director, Tony Stone said: “We’ve been here for five years and never had a problem.

“They snapped the locks to get in – tossing everything everywhere. Bins were kicked over with tea bags strewn around the place.

“We had two laptops stolen, two phones and a camera. We expect it’s around two or three thousand pounds worth of goods,” Mr Stone confirmed.

“You could see it was frantic and they just rattled through what they could and then got out.”

“One of our vans was parked outside which had got a flat battery and they have taken the van key from inside the premises and tried to start it,” he explained.

“They chucked the key back inside which was the only good things about it.”

No alarm was fitted on the West Telferton property at the time of the break in, nor was there CCTV.

But Mr Stone is confident the bars will act as the biggest clue to finding the culprits.

“If there are people with these products the only place they could have been taken from is this theft,” Mr Stone added.

“If someone is eating those I want to know who they are because these bars are totally unique and anyone trying to off-load them will be the men we’re after.”

The break in will not prevent Stoats fans the chance of nibbling on the bar as it has been confirmed by Mr Stone that “the launch is still going ahead tomorrow.”

Stoats, have been circulating porridge around Scottish music festivals and cafes since 2004, with eight different flavours currently on offer.
Mr Stone continued: “This has been a kick in the teeth and it’s horrible that people have gone through your stuff. We’re only a small company trying to make a go of it and this is hassle we don’t need.”

A police spokesman said: “Police are investigating a break-in to a business premises at West Telferton overnight from Thursday night into Friday morning last week.

“Anyone with any information should contact police on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”