Abandoned baby girl set for foster care


A BABY girl abandoned on an Edinburgh park bench could be in foster care as early as today it has emerged.

The newborn, named Charlotte after the police officer who took her to hospital, is set to spend around a year in foster care before being legally adopted – if her mother fails to come forward.

Edinburgh Council said yesterday it expected that Charlotte be be placed in care “today or tomorrow”.

Baby Charlotte with PC Charlotte who found her on a park bench.


The tot is thriving, having put on four ounces since was found, taking her weight up to 5lb 11oz.

Charlotte was believed to be less than a day old when she was discovered on a park bench by residents in the Wester Hailes area of the city, behind a block of flats called Kilncroft.

Staff at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary are still desperately trying to track down the newborn’s mother who left the baby girl wrapped in blankets at around 1pm last Thursday.

The infant had been washed before being wrapped but there was no sign of the mother.

The child had been left on top of a metal bench directly beneath the building and may only have been there for 30 minutes.

Although the temperature was no higher than a chilly 8 degrees centigrade, police said the blankets had kept the baby warm.

Yesterday PC Charlotte Work was reunited with her newborn namesake at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary.

The 26-year-old said she felt “honoured” that the baby had been named after her.

She said “I’m honoured she’s been named Charlotte after me

“It’s very important to find her mum, more than anything for the sake of her health.

And Charlotte, 26, gave her four-day-old namesake a Jemima Puddle-duck cuddly toy.

She explained: “I brought her a Jemima Puddleduck toy, the reason is I had one when I was a little girl so I wanted to give her something special.

“I hope she has a healthy and happy life whether she’s brought up by her mother or by adopted parents.”

NHS Lothian’s chief midwife, Maria Wilson, said the baby was continuing to do well despite her dramatic entrance into the world.

She said: “She’s doing very well, she’s had a comfortable weekend and she’s been well-cared for by the staff. I think staff would love to see Charlotte reunited with her mum.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said the force was investigating “several” lines of inquiry in the search for the missing mum.

He confirmed the police had received a call concerning a possible sighting in Colinton and are now investigating the link, along with several other lines of enquiry.

A source close to the investigation said DNA testing would not be used on baby Charlotte to help track her parents.

The £500 test is thought to be too expensive.

The inside source said: “We have not and will not use DNA testing on Charlotte.

“We would exploit any opportunity for DNA analysis that arises but not on children.”

Kind-hearted members of the local community have been donating gifts for baby Charlotte.

Residents in Wester Hailes raised money to buy the little girl babygros and a teddy bear.

Chris McLenaghan, 71, a volunteer at the Deaf Action Charity Shop in South Queensferry said: “We’ve got a cot and a baby bath, and soft toys.

“She’s had a bad start but hopefully things will get better for her now, whether that’s back with her biological mum or with an adoptive family.”


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