1. Good grief! People and their ‘non-issues’. I was actually confused where the logo was because I couldn’t tell.

  2. Maybe adding a flower or something to the outstretched hand would help…? I recommend a pansy, ffs. Get a grip.

  3. Puck, I agree wholeheartedly with the pansy. Oh, I’m so upset. I’m so upset that the Vikings ever came near Shetland and Orkney. I’m upset over all the imagery used in the best television series on the History Channel “The Vikings”. I’m upset that the Vikings ever lived, dammit, and since the Nazi’s were obsessed with all that stuff it should never be seen again in case someone is upset…. ok. Well, the Nazi’s liked everyone blonde didn’t they? Why don’t all the people in the world who are blond dye their hair then? Oh, the suffering….I need an outstretched hand and a pansy in it….

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