Scots entrepreneur launches supportive men’s underwear


MEN can now buy left- or right-fitting pants thanks to a Scots entrepreneur working with one of the country’s top universities.

Simon Phillips, from Edinburgh, has already received £5,000 worth of pre-orders for his Cahoonas supportive underwear.

Phillips spent a-year-and-a-half working alongside experts from the textile department of Heriot-Watt University to design the £27 pants, which he claims are a world first.


He said: “I felt that men were being bypassed by all the design changes that had benefited women’s underwear in terms of fabrics, curve stitching and so on.

“Then when I found out that 75 percent of men dress to the left and 25 percent to the right and I realised no underwear designers were taking that into consideration I know something had to be done.”

Mr Phillips runs his Cahoonas company with his wife Georgia Goodall.

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