Police confirm a car found in Glasgow is linked to Willowbrae murder


POLICE say a car involved in the fatal shooting of Mohammed Abdi has been found in Glasgow.

Detectives are appealing to members of the public in Glasgow after a Ford Fiesta believed to be involved in the violent shootout was found on Saturday.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen the silver car since the killing in Edinburgh on 25 May to come forward.

Police are appealing for new witnesses who may have seen a silver Ford Fiesta


It was also confirmed today (mon) that men as young as 18 could have been involved in the violent battle where the 25-year-old son of a leader at Edinburgh’s central mosque was killed.

Detective Superintendent Gary Flannigan said the force were now looking for help from anyone who may have seen a “very new” silver Ford Fiesta in or around the Glasgow area.

“Today we are broadening our appeal to Glasgow for public help.

“Previously we have spoken to the public regarding a grey hatchback seen in the Willowbrae area, however now we are looking for help with a silver fiesta which was recovered from Glasgow.

“We would like to know where the car has been from the Sunday of the incident to this following Saturday.

“The car is particularly clean, and could possibly have been professionally valeted or could have gone through a carwash.

“The wheels were also clean, which could mean that it may not have been driven, but we need public assistance with this.

“The investigation is moving across the UK, and we are in contact with other authorities.”

Det Supt Flannigan said that the Silver Fiesta was a “very new car,” although did not give details on the cars registration.

When asked whether or not the car had been damaged he said that the police were now looking at “all aspects of the car.”

The detective also confirmed that the incident which took place at Willowbrae early last Sunday lasted a “considerable” amount of time.

Mohammed Abdi was discovered lying injured next to a crashed VW Sharan around 1am, and later died in hospital.

He said: “It lasted for a considerable period of time, it was not over and done with but lasted for several minutes. But under half an hour.”

Mohammed Abdi was shot dead last Sunday following a high speed car chase through the capital, which led to a bloody gun fight in the quiet area of Willowbrae.

Originally from Kenya, Mr Abdi is thought to have been involved in several incidents around Edinburgh before his death, which are thought to have started in the Lochend area of the city.

A statement his father Omar Abdi said: “Mohammed was my son and a much-loved member of the family.

“We have all been left devastated by his death and we want those responsible to be brought to justice so we can fully begin to grieve.

I would ask anyone who knows anything about his murder to go to the police immediately.”

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