Cyclist says he won’t re-cycle career


SCOTS cyclists says he won’t re-cycle his gold-medal winning career.

Sir Chris Hoy has stated  that he will not be coming out of retirement for the Commonwealth games next year.

The six time gold medal-winning cyclist has said he is now looking forward to focusing his time on wife Sarra.

Sir Chris Hoy states he will not come out of retirement
Sir Chris Hoy states he will not come out of retirement

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, The Scot said: “It’s Sarra’s turn to come first now. She took a year-long sabbatical to be with me during the Olympics, she’s supported me all the way through.”

“Everything had to revolve around my training, my schedule. Now, we are enjoying having time for one another.”

Hoy retired from the sport earlier this year stating that he could no longer “perform at a level which would do myself and the team justice.”

Wife Sarra also spoke of his retirement.

She said: “Any decision would have been the right decision. If he had wanted to continue it would have been fine, if he had wanted to retire it would also have been fine.”

Recently, the cyclist has been targeted by internet trolls after he warned that Scottish Independence could harm Scottish sports.

The comment led to some calling him  a “traitor” to his country.

Hoy said: “There’s some stuff on the web that’s best not seen.”

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