Children are “not on the cards yet” for Chris Hoy


OLYMPIC hero Sir Chris Hoy has said he has no immediate plans to start a family despite stepping down from top-flight sport.

The 37-year-old six-time gold medal winner says he will spend more time with his wife Sarra, after announcing his retirement in April.

But the cycling legend, in an interview at the weekend, said he and Sarra want to enjoy themselves – without responsibility.

Hoy took time to shake hands with fans before boarding the bus


He married Sarra Kemp, a lawyer, in 2010 at a ceremony in St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, his hometown.

Asked if it was time to start a family, he said: “No it’s not on the cards yet.

“We want to enjoy ourselves without responsibility for a while.

“It’s a luxury, to be able to dedicate yourself wholly to one another.”

Hoy said Sarra took a year out of her job to support him during the Olympics.

He said: “It’s Sarra’s turn to come first now.

“She took a year-long sabbatical to be with me during the Olympics, she’s supported me all the way through.

“Everything had to revolve around my training, my schedule.

“Now, we are enjoying having time for one another.”

He added: “She’s had to put up with my busyness, will all the publicity. She’s been brilliant.”


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