Tibor the Tiger celebrates 6th Birthday


Tibor, Edinburgh Zoo’s male Sumatran tiger, turned six today! To celebrate, keepers have arranged a special breakfast treat for the ferocious birthday boy. Born on the 16th July 2007, Tibor came to Edinburgh Zoo in October 2008 from Heidelberg Zoo in Germany.

While tigers are already impressive to see, Tibor looks especially fierce as he only has one eye. Just before arriving at Edinburgh Zoo his right eye was injured and despite treatment its condition continued to deteriorate. The eye developed glaucoma, which can be very painful in both people and animals, so surgery was performed to remove Tibor’s right eye.

Alison MacLean, Head Keeper Giant Pandas and Carnivores at Edinburgh Zoo said:

“For Tibor’s birthday we will be tying a joint of meat to one of the trees in the tiger enclosure as enrichment. We often provide our animals with enrichment activities, which help to keep them in good physical condition and to provide mental stimulation similar to what they would experience in the wild.



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