Scot’s warned about “silent assassins”


SCOT’S are being warned against the danger of “silent assassins” as the recent warm weather has led to a rise in horseflies.

NHS Highland has given advise to those out and about to be extra vigilant for the insects as their bites can be extremely painful.

The bugs, also known as Clegs, sneak up on their victims, often coming from behind before attacking their victims.

The skin is cut, rather than pierced and wounds can take a long time to heal, and may even become infected.

Mary Morton, head of community pharmaceutical services for NHS Highland, said: “Clegs  seem to be particularly active across the area just now and must be a source of annoyance, irritation and pain for a lot of people.”

She continued: “A cleg bite can lead to the formation of a weal around the area of a bit but it can also cause a rash of these weals, something like a nettle rash.”

The medical chief added that bites can lead to people experiencing dizziness, weakness, wheezing and red eye swellings.

Morton advised that people should use insect repellent where possible and if bitten by an assassin to seek medical advice from a community pharmacist.

The advise follows the tragic death of Andy Batty, who suffered an extreme allergic reaction to the bugs bite.

The 48 year old collapsed as a result of anaphylactic shock and was pronounced dead at the scene in Devon last week.

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