Teenager bags £1m after impulse lottery ticket buy


Scots Teen Scoops £1 Million in EuroMillions raffleA SCOTTISH teenager has become a millionaire on her first time playing the lottery after she bought a ticket on impulse.

Jane Park from Edinburgh became one of the youngest National Lottery winners in the country when she won £1m on Friday in the Euromillions Raffle.

The 17-year-old purchased her first lottery ticket ever on the way home from work.


Despite her big win the grounded teenager says she will keeping her job as a membership development assistant at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.

Still in shock at becoming a millionaire the teenager already has a list of purchases lined up.

The first one being a passport for her girls’ holiday abroad, and she is also keen to buy a white Range Rover with a pink interior.

The former Holyrood High School pupil lives in Niddrie with her mum, Linda, 42, sister, Roxanne, 24 and two brothers Billy, 16 and Gavin, 6.

The lucky winner said that she bought the ticket as an impulse buy.

She said: “It was the first ticket I’ve bought.

“I went into the shop to get a bottle of juice and I had noticed there was a lot of promotions on the counter for the lottery, but I didn’t think about it. I walked out the shop and I saw a sign that said ‘Guaranteed 100 millionaires,’ so I went back in and got a ticket.”

On discovering she had won the £1, Miss Park said: “I was just chilling in my bed watching a DVD and I decided to check my ticket. I sat for about 15 minutes with my heart racing checking the code over and over.

“I ran through to my mum and she turned the hoover off to ask why I had ran through so fast and then I told her ‘I think I’ve won £1m’.

“I even went to the shop to get them to check it for me. It wasn’t until I phoned Camelot and they confirmed it that I actually believed it.”

Now the teenager has the task of deciding what to do with her £1m. Asked if she has plans for the money, Miss Park said she had a few ideas.

She said: “I’ve booked an appointment to to get my passport so that will be the first thing I buy.

“I’m going to go away with my sister and my friend somewhere where there’s loads of young people, like Magaluf or Ibiza.”

She is also planning to buy herself a new house, a white Range Rover with customised pink interior and is going to treat her mum to a “mega shopping  spree.”

Despite winning the large sum of money, Miss Park said she will definitely be going back to work.Scots Teen Scoops £1 Million in EuroMillions raffle

She said: “I was on a nine month contract, but I got told before I had won that it’s been extended by another six months so I will be going back.

“I really enjoy my work and I certainly don’t want to leave them short-handed. I still intend to work but my win means I can really think about what I might like to do in the future.”

“They were all really shocked, they believed me, but they were just completely shocked.

Miss Park said that her family and friends are “really shocked” that she had won such a huge amount of money.

Sh said: “They were all really shocked, they believed me, but they were just completely shocked.

They have all just said keep your money and so long as you are happy for the rest of your life.”

A loyal Hibs fan, who is planning to buy a season ticket for Easter Road, Miss Park was asked if she would be donating any of her big win to city rivals Hearts.

She said: “I’m a loyal Hibs fan. But I just don’t know yet.”

Miss Hamilton’s colleagues from the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations were at the Glass House Hotel in Edinburgh to show some support to one of their youngest members of staff.

Gordon Neil, who works alongside Miss Hamilton, said: “It’s not the usual call you get to say someones not coming into work that day.

“I think she has the week off, but then she will be back. It’s great.”

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