A 12-year-boy is stopped by police after taking his parents’ car on a 28 mile joyride


A 12-YEAR-OLD boy was found 28 miles from home after taking his parents’ car on a joyride through the north-east of Scotland.

The unnamed boy – who has learning difficulties – was found by police after his frantic mother reported that he had taken her car from their home in Aberdeenshire.

Despite his mother and neighbours trying to coax him out of the silver Peugeot 207 estate car, the youngster took off and was finally caught by police almost 30 miles later.

The boy’s mother ruefully admitted her son’s precocious driving skills were the result of being taught by his father on a disused airfield.

Officers were alerted to the youngster’s whereabouts after several members of the public reported seeing him driving at low speeds along the A952.

By the time he was caught, the youngster had driven a total of 28 miles from his home in St Fergus to Ellon on the A90 Aberdeen to Peterhead road.

Two police cars were dispatched to search for the boy, and were able to bring the car to a “controlled” stop. A police spokeswoman insisted that there was not a chase.

The youngster’s disabled mother said that she was not worried about the car, and was just glad that her son was safe.

She said: “I wasn’t caring about the car to be honest, I’m just glad he is OK.

The mother, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said that her son had run out of the house in a mood after he was told to tidy his room.

She said: “He got mad and went outside with the car keys.

“He got in and started revving the engine and blowing the horn, I tried to stop him and some neighbours came out to help too.

“But then he just took off, I ran inside and phoned 999.

“The police were really good and were keeping me up to date the whole time about where he had been seen and when they eventually caught up with him.”

The “relieved” mother added that her car keys will be kept out of reach from her son from now on.

She added: “We are so relieved that he is ok and will be keeping the car keys on us and doors locked from now on.”

The mother said that her son had learned to drive as his dad had shown him how to use the car in an disused airfield.

The youngster is believed to have headed north from his home to Lonmay where he joined the A952, before driving south through Mintlaw and onto the A90 at the Toll of Birness.

A police spokeswoman said: “A divisional unit and a roads policing unit were dispatched to search for the vehicle and eventually caught up with it at the Tesco roundabout at Ellon.

“The two units made contact with the vehicle and the driver complied and officers brought the car to a safe and controlled stop.

“At no point was anyone in danger or was a chase approved by our control room.

“The whole incident was over in around 30 minutes and was safely coordinated by the control room in Aberdeen.”

The spokeswoman confirmed that officers are “following a positive line of enquiry” and did not rule out that charges may be brought against the youngster ot  that a report could be sent to the children’s panel.

Councillor for Peterhead South and Cruden, Stephen Smith, praised Police Scotland for their safe approach to a “very dangerous situation.”

Mr Smith said: “This was a very dangerous situation and the police are to be commended for managing to bring it to a safe conclusion without injury to any road user or even loss of life.”