A Scottish school are offering a new class on how to win pub quizzes


A SCOTTISH school in offering classes in how to win pub quizzes.

Wester Hailes Education Centre, Edinburgh, is running the three-month course which will teach quiz fanatics how to brush up on their general knowledge.

Graduates of the course will also emerge with the skills they need to set up their own pub quiz.

Colin Cruickshank will teach students how to win pub quizzes
Colin Cruickshank will teach students how to win pub quizzes

The Who Wants to be a Quiz Expert classes will be run by former high school teacher and TV quiz champion Colin Cruickshank, starting next month.

The 60-year-old pub quiz veteran will reveal to students how to study and retain vital information for pub quizzes.

Mr Cruikshank, who runs his own quiz nights at pubs across the capital,  will be holding the hour-long classes twice a week.

Mr Cruikshank, who was the last winner of former quiz show Superscot in 1990, will share his experience and helpful tips on how to win.

He believes that this “innovative idea” will prove popular with the public.

Mr Cruikshank said: “Pub quizzes and quiz shows are always popular,  I run numerous quizzes at various pubs such as The Corstorphine Inn, the Ye Olde Inn in Davidson’s Mains and The Livingston Inn and there’s always a good turnout.

“I think this is a really innovative idea – people can gain a qualification while getting better at the same time.

“Pub quizzes are a great way of bringing a community together and it can only be a good thing to have more of them.

He added: “The course will concentrate on everything to do with pub quizzes from making up questions to running them yourself.

“I like good old fashioned general knowledge. My quizzes have questions on history, geography, literature and sport, not trivia. Those who come to my quiz want something that will challenge them.”

With an estimated 300 pub quizzes held in Edinburgh each week, the education centre’s community learning manager, Alan Ness, hopes the course will be a hit with the public.

He said:”We have already had a lot of people getting in touch about it and people calling to request forms to enroll for this class. I think that it is going to be very popular with the public.

“It is such a social class, that will allow people to socialise with one another and learn something at the same time.

“Of course a part of the class will result in having to attend a few quizzes so I imagine it will be a hit with many. I can’t think of any other adult education classes which require a trip to the pub.”