An undertaker offers customers buy-before-you-die discount on gravestones


A SCOTS undertaker is offering a buy-before-you-die discount on gravestones.

Cost-conscious customers who order a headstone before their demise are given a £50 discount to spend in the here and now.

Discount vouchers were posted through shocked residents’ doors last week but many have found it “hilarious”.

Bargain hunters are expected to snap up the deal as reports show the average cost of a funeral has soared by 7% with the typical cost hitting £7,622.

Martin Ferguson, manager of Co-op Funeral Services in east Fife, said customers could buy a gravestone worth over £500 but could take advantage of the 10% discount.

He said: “We wouldn’t physically make them unless the customer requested that. To put an inscription on it now might be tempting fate.”

The 47-year-old confirmed they had been enquiries for the bargain deal already.

“A lot of people like to plan and prepare and have their funeral organised,” he said.

The manager, who has been working for the company for 18 years, said that when people pre plan their funeral it makes them more relaxed and allows for better decisions to be made.

“Also, people today are more conscious of the financial implications of a funeral and don’t want to burden their families,” said Mr Ferguson.

“They recognise it’s a good deal and they get their own wishes, including the inscription they would like.”

He added: “It’s really just for peace of mind, then they can go and get on with their lives.”

One Methil resident who received the surprise discount coupon said: “It’s probably the best bargain I’ll get this side of the Pearly Gates.

“The only thing is, should I have it inscribed and put up now in the back garden?”

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