Scots actor Robert Carlyle reveals stripping for the Full Monty was the most embarrassing moment of his career

SCOTS actor Robert Carlyle has revealed stripping for the Full Monty was the most embarrassing moment of his acting career.

As he answered a series of questions from fans on his Twitter page in an hour-long session dubbed #AskRobert, the Glasgow-born actor said he would “always” miss Scotland.
The 52-year-old said his ideal role would be as Bill Shankly, the legendary Liverpool manager from Ayrshire.
Photo - sean.koo / Wikimedia Commons
Photo – sean.koo / Wikimedia Commons
Carlyle, who played hardman Begbie in 1996 hit Trainspotting, answered dozens of questions about his role as Rumpelstiltskin in US fairy tale drama series Once Upon A Time.
The actor, who now lives in Canada, began the #AskRobert session, which he had told his 152,000 followers about in the days before, by saying “(deep breath).. hello?”
Twitter user @IannoneFederica asked: “I wanted to ask u what is the most embarassing thing u’ve ever done as an actor? Kisses from Italy 😉 #askrobert
Carlyle, who played former steel worker Gary Schofield in the 1997 comedy, replied: “Without a doubt that would be stripping for the Full Monty.”
He was also asked “Do you enjoy spending so much time in Canada?” by Twitter used @LindsayLight.
He replied: “i miss home but i do love Canada.”
@RoseRed_Art said: “Hi Robert! Do you miss Scotland? We are proud of you here! Lots of love from a fellow Scot #AskRobert
The actor, who graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, responded: “always”
He was also asked “If you could play anyone who would be it and why?”
Carlyle responded: “at the moment i’m reading a book about the great Bill Shankly and if ever there was a film made i’d love to play him.”
Shankly managed Liverpool for 15 years, taking them from the second division to top-flight football.
Earlier this month fans paid tribute to Shankly by holding up hundreds of placards at Anfield to form his silhouette and the number 100, the day before what would have been his 100th birthday.
The Scottish manger died in 1981 aged 68.
The #AskRobert session saw him inundated with questions from fans of US show Once Upon a Time, where he plays Rumpelstiltskin.
He said in response to one fan: “I really enjoy all the green screen stuff.. used to hate it, but ive found a way to get through it now.”

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