A pet dog was left in shock after he got hooked on a fisherman’s line


A PET dog was left in shock after getting hooked on a fisherman’s carelessly discarded line.

Oliver, a King Charles Cavalier spaniel, couldn’t resist the mackerel bait attached to the hook on a walk in Port Seton, East Lothian.

The two-year-old was left with the hook embedded in its gum and lips and wrapped in fishing line with other hooks attached.

Owner Beverly Henderson, 64, said she had to bite the loose hooks free before trying to get help for her pet.

She said: “Oliver gave a yelp – he’d obviously sniffed about and smelt the mackerel bait on the hook.

“He was in shock. On the journey to the vet he didn’t move or struggle at all.

“One hook had went through his lip and into his gum, but there were others tangled up in the line all attached.

“I had to bite off the other hooks as I didn’t have anything with me that could get them loose.”

Beverly said the bill for treating Oliver was almost £300.

She added: “I just want to highlight how dangerous it can be.

“I’m just angry that people can leave hooks and lines – it could have been a child falling. I’m just so shocked that this could happen.”

Vet Kelly McCann said the dog needed a general anaesthetic before removal of the hook, which was “firmly embedded in his lower right lip”.

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