A team of “comedy” conductors is being hired for Edinburgh’s trams


A TEAM of “comedy” conductors is being hired for Edinburgh’s trams to help residents forget the years of construction misery.

The project is massively delayed and overspent but modern day clippies are being sought who can have a bit of “fun” and present a positive image of the city.

The team  will be the “face of the trams” will also be given special conflict training to help defuse any situations which may arise on board.




The council will hire 52 “personable” people to the ‘ticketing service assistant’ role, which will pay £17,000 a year.

The clippies will be responsible for checking tickets, issuing fines and helping with crowd control along the route.

Successful applicants will take part in a comprehensive training programmed which will include conflict management, tuition on fare types, timetables and safety procedures.

Edinburgh Trams general manager Tom Norris said they were looking to recruit people who would enjoy the job and “have fun.”

He said: “We are looking for applicants who are professional and committed and with these customer-facing roles, it’s also important we recruit people who want to enjoy their job and have fun. This is a chance to be part of Edinburgh’s history, to be able to say you were part of the team when trams returned to the streets of Edinburgh.”

Transport and planning consultant Robert Drysdale said that his experience with customer service on trams in both Nottingham and Sheffield had left him with a good impression of both cities.

He said: “I was struck in both places how friendly the ticket issuers, or the conductors, were. They were authoritative, but well informed and they were looking after you.

“The point about them being the face of Edinburgh is an important one. I came away with a favourable impression of those two cities because the crews were so helpful.”

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