‘Hamish McHamish’ has too many friends – says Facebook


FACEBOOK has blocked fans of St Andrews’ most famous cat becoming friends after he reached his limit.

Hamish McHamish recently hit 5000 friends on his “real” Facebook account – meaning he is at the social media site’s limit.

The ginger feline is famous for his nomadic lifestyle in the Fife town which he has led for the past 14 years.

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St Andrews most loveable resident has too many friends, says Facebook

Hamish wanders the town freely, often wandering in and out of local homes and businesses.

A modern “legend” has even sprung up which holds that anyone who refuses to take the cat in will have bad luck.

His tally of 5000 friends is many times the average for human Facebook users – a measly 303.

Hamish also has his own twitter account, @hamishstandrews.

It has also emerged that Hamish is finally to be immortalised with his own statue to rival that of Greyfriar’s Bobby in Edinburgh.

Fife council have given the go ahead for the life-size bronze after residents raised £5,000.

Flora Selwyn, who runs St Andrews in Focus, came up with idea and is delighted that the statue will now go ahead.

The rogue cat frequently wanders around town, being cuddled by strangers
The rogue cat frequently wanders around town, being cuddled by strangers


She said: “It is lovely  that we will have a rival to Greyfriars Bobby – it will be one-up for St Andrews.

“It has been a very popular idea. Hamish is a wonderful animal.”


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