Subo reveals she is set for world domination


SUBO has revealed her plans for world domination.

The Scots singer told followers on Twitter that she plans to tour the United States next year, followed by a trip down under.

The 52-year-old was taking part in a Question and Answer session with fans, when she also revealed that she would loved to have sung alongside Frank Sinatra and Johnny Mathis.

Subo was getting into the "Christmas spirit" ahead of the Q&A
Subo was getting into the “Christmas spirit” ahead of the Q&A


And despite her plans to sing at the furthest reaches of the globe, Subo reaffirmed her loyalty to the people of Blackburn, West Lothian.

Just before the Q&A got underway, Boyle posted a picture of her “getting into the Christmas spirit” by wearing a festive red jumper, with a reindeer on the front.

Fan from around  the globe, including Brazil, Chile and Kenya, asked Boyle when she would be visiting, but it was those from the USA and Australia who got confirmation of plans to visit in the not too distant future.

When asked if her tour will visit the United States anytime soon, Boyle replied: “It will definitely come to the USA!”

While, to another fan who asked about a US tour, she said: “The USA will see a tour next year….”

One fan asked: “Will you do a Concert Tour in Australia in the near future,” to which she replied: “There is one planned for the future, I hope to be in Oz very soon.”

Boyle also revealed that she had a bit of a soft spot for the States, as when asked where was the “nicest” place she has ever visited, she said: “America!”

However, despite this, she said  that she would not move there as she feels “safe” at home in Blackburn with her family and friends.

When asked if she would consider moving to the United States, she said: “I love the USA but I like to visit, my home is in Scotland with my good pals.”

Another fan asked “what do you love about your hometown the most?”

Boyle, replied: “The community and my friends. I feel safe here.”

When asked who she would most liked to have sang with from the past or present, she replied: “I would love to have sung with Frank Sinatra.”

While, when asked what her favourite song of the moment was, Boyle said: “I’m liking One Direction’s song and I’m a fan of Calvin Harris.”

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