£45,000 demo car is damaged by falling sign due to high winds


A JAGUAR dealership fell victim to Scotland’s severe weather after their sign fell and damaged a £45,000 demo car.

Pentland Jaguar, Glasgow Road, Edinburgh were “shocked” to discover their totem had been blown onto their most popular model of car this morning (Thurs).

The Jaguar XJ worth £68,000 brand new had been proudly parked opposite the showroom doors when at 8.10am 80mph gusts blew the sign into the side of the car.



A popular choice with the Royal Family, staff described the scene as an “oh my god moment” as they were helpless to do anything.

The dealership, which sells used Jaguars, said they had never seen anything like it before.



Business Manager Dave Cargill, 53 said: “It happened at about 8.10am this morning (Thurs).

“The cleaners saw it happen and it was one of those ‘oh my god moments.

“I came in around 8.15am and one of my staff told me the totem had collapsed onto one of our demo cars.

“What can you say, I looked at it and thought oh my god.

“It was a shock to see that it had left the ground.

“It had to have been one hell of a gust to blow that over.

“This is the first time we’ve had something like this happen.”

Mr Cargill called the company who maintains the totem for the store and workers arrived to access the damage.

He said they will be returning later in the day with a mini crane to move the sign back in place.

“We’ve got lots of other used car on the lot for sale that haven’t been damaged thankfully.

“The model that was damaged is one of the most popular models, the Royal Family and the Pope have all used the Jaguar XJ.

“If you want a sturdy car that can handle  anything that’s thrown at it then this is the car for you.”

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