Andy Murray’s childhood friend pens triumphant song


ANDY Murray’s childhood friend has penned a song about the tennis star’s triumphant day at Wimbledon this year.

Keith Meisner wrote the song titled Song For Andy Murray (Wimbledon Champ) at the request of BBC 5Live.

The catchy tune tells the tale of the day, starting with Mr Meisner’s journey to centre court, before going onto describe the incredible atmosphere and Murray’s iconic win.

Murray's friend pens triumphant song
Keith Meisner at the Wimbledon final this year.

The Scots fitness teacher posted a video montage of the day, along with the song on Youtube yesterday. (fri)

Mr Meisner played tennis with Murray when the pair were children, but gave up the sport to pursue a career in music.

Earlier this year, he wrote a tribute song about the world number four and was later invited to the final by Judy Murray.

Murray's friend pens triumphant song
Murray and his childhood friend on the day of the final.

Murray became the first British tennis player to win Wimbledon in 77 years after beating world number two, Novak Djokovic. The game lasted three hours, but Murray managed to beat the Serbian player in straight sets.

Millions of people around the world tuned in to watch the historic match, and now Mr Meisner has recorded it as a song and tribute to his friend.

Mr Meisner posted a link to the song on his Twitter and said: “Another cheese song! Sorry @bbc5live told me to write it. Get yer lugs roond it.”

The song starts with Mr Meisner’s train journey from his home in Scotland.

“On the sleeper train from Scotland, to sing my song for him. I wonder what he’s thinking, feeling, hoping that he wins. I take my seat in centre, thousands more on Murray mound and the man himself walks on the court to a deafening sound.”

The chorus of the song then compares Murray’s tennis skills to that of a chess player and boxer. It says: “Andy Murray’s coming at you he’ll boom the backhand past you, chess players and boxers feet a combination tough to beat.

“Oh, Andy’s coming at you, he’ll boom the backhand past you, a nations hoping he can win and take the title at Wimbledon.

The song then goes on to briefly describe the game, before Murray’s big win: “He’s made the perfect, has taken the opening set. One down, two to go, he’s not there just quite yet.

“Three hours of battle later and he’s coming out to serve, 15,000 chanting his name, can he hold his nerve.

“Excruciating, agonising, it’s hit the net, he’s done it. Crowd goes wild, he’s on his knees, he can’t believe he’s won it.

“He came, he conquered, he took the crown. The whole world knows his name. Andy Murray the Wimbledon champ, the wee boy from Dunblane.”

Mr Meisner’s original song, Under The Lights, got more than 50,000 likes on Youtube, before he went to Wimbledon to perform it for Murray himself.

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