Borders Council voices concern over parking warden withdrawal plans


A SCOTS Council is asking police to delay the removal of traffic wardens in a bid to ward off parking mayhem.

Police Scotland want to withdraw traffic wardens from the remaining council areas which have not already decriminalised parking offences and handed the job to private firms.

Scottish Borders Council has urged police to delay the move until 2016 to give it time to set up a new service.

Police-operated parking wardens have dished out more than 1,110 parking tickets in the past 12 months.

Councillors fear the sudden removal of the traffic warden service could lead to a parking free-for-all in the area.

A report to a full council meeting stated it was unlikely that the council would be able to bring in Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE) in “an efficient and effective basis for two to three years”.

The report added: “As such there is considerable concern over the proposal for the withdrawal of the role of traffic wardens.”

The report recommends responding to the Police Scotland proposal by requesting that the withdrawal of wardens is delayed until 2016.

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