Bungalow bungle: House on back of truck gets wedged in street, blocks off town


AN IMMOBILE mobile home brought a town to a standstill on Thursday after the lorry carrying it got wedged in a tight street.

The driver was attempting a left turn into a one way street in Cupar, Fife, after roadworks forced him to make a diversion.

But his HGV was simply too big to fit down Lady Wynd and the vehicle ended up blocking the High Street.



Passers-by reported that road workers then spent the next 15 minutes, armed with screwdrivers, trying to free the vehicle and get the traffic flowing again.

As the picture of the stuck truck spread on social media, users commented on the amusing incident.

Ursula Martin said: “How on earth did that happen – was he attempting a three point turn??”

Simon Hewett wrote: “What I really wanted to say, is that in my experience of Wynds, I would never try to turn anything of any size into one.”

Ian Gent posted: “Dawn Maskell says there is a sign further back saying to go on the Perth Road. So yeah the driver wasn’t paying attention.

“Even then though this was a very easy mistake to make and the signposting of the diversions have been completely rubbish all through the works so far.”

But Fife Council insist the roadworks in the town centre, making much needed improvements to the area.

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