A brave joiner used his favourite hammer to chase off a bogus police officer


A BRAVE joiner has revealed how he grabbed his favourite hammer and chased off a bogus police officer who tried to get into his car.

The furious workman even managed to smash the back window of the fake officer’s car as he sped away.

But the hero chippie is now appealing for the return of his hammer – which he has had since he was an apprentice – after it dropped into the back of the vehicle.


The terrifying incident happened near Dalkeith, Midlothian, on January 30.

The driver, who wants to keep his identity secret, was flagged down by the driver of an unmarked, maroon VW Passat which was flashing a blue light.

A friend of the driver, Moray Johnstone, has posted on Facebook his dramatic account of what happened next.

He wrote: “I pulled over thinking they were going to overtake me, but they pulled in behind me.

“The country road is pitch black, so you can’t see outside at all.

“Next thing I know, some guy is trying to open my door, pretty violently I may add.

“Luckily I had two things on my side, my van doors lock automatically when I start to drive and my trusty 200z Estwing hammer was on the passenger seat next to me.”

He added: “When I opened my door, the lights in the van have come on and this chap seeing the hammer, runs backs to this car and speeds off.

“I don’t know what this guy’s intentions were but I would hate to think what would have happened if it was a woman he pulled over.

“I managed to put the back window of the car through but lost my keys when I got out so never managed to manage to chase whoever this creepy b*****d is.”

Appealing for information about the car, he added: “Can you try and retrieve my hammer from the back seat as I’ve had it since I started my apprenticeship so it has sentimental value.”

Mr Johnstone said of his friend: “He is a very nice guy. He was shocked by it all.

“We met through work – I was working as a labourer he is a joiner. To be honest, I would have done the same thing.”

Motorists in Midlothian and East Lothian have also reported being pulled over by a unmarked car with flashing lights.

Police Scotland said: “Police in Midlothian are investigating a suspicious incident on the evening of January 30.

“A report was made of a car with flashing lights following a vehicle, and the driver of this suspicious car, described as a maroon VW Passat, then attempting to enter the victim’s vehicle.”