Sir Chris Hoy poked fun at his looks following claims that the best cyclists are the most handsome


SIR Chris Hoy has poked fun at his looks following claims the most successful cyclists are also the most handsome.

The six-time Olympic medalist posted a picture of himself in training grimacing like a “chipmunk”.

A study of Tour de France cyclists concluded that those who were in the top 10% of race performers were deemed 25% more attractive than the bottom 10%.


In the online study which used photos from riders in the 2012 Tour de France, 816 people – 72% of which were women – were asked to rate cyclists for their attractiveness, masculinity and likeability.

Hoy tweeted: “Have to say I thoroughly agree with this study. as the attached photo confirms.”

Fans were quick to reply to Sir Chris, with one stating that going by Hoy’s picture the study should have been on chipmunk impression.

Andrew Smith said: “Shouldn’t that article read: Cyclists can do great chipmunk impressions?”

While Graham Carlos tweeted: “That looks remarkably like my pooping face.”

Another follower, Mark Daley, referenced the most recent winners Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins, he said: “You can disprove this theory with the last two TDF winners!!”

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