Glasgow statues given spooky red LED eyes


JOKERS have given two Glasgow statues LED lights for eyes.

Passers-by spotted the spooky addition to 94-year-old statues in the Kelvin Walkway in the West End of Glasgow last night (wed).

The bronze Commerce and Industry statue, which was erected in 1920, saw its female figure receive a brand new set of garish red eyes.

The statue was given a modern twist by cheeky pranksters

And the human skull on the Philosophy statue was also given the same unsightly treatment.

Pictures of the statues, created in 1920 by Paul Raphael Montford, quickly went viral, receiving more than 200,000 hits in little over 12 hours.

A witness posted: “Someone in my city started putting LEDs on the eyes of statues last night, with interesting results.”

Quantum Deep wrote: “Do you want nightmares? Because this is how we get nightmares.”

But another viewer said they thought “this will actually decrease the crime in the areas around these statues”.

The four statues in Kelvingrove Park represent Peace and War, Navigation and Ship Building, Philosophy and Inspiration and finally Commerce and Industry.

Statue vandalism has hit the headlines several times in recent months including plans to raise the Duke of Wellington on Glasgow’s Queen Street to stop people putting traffic cones on his head.

In October, Police Scotland launched an investigation after vandals purposely scoured off the black finish on Greyfriars Bobby’s nose despite the £400 repair job being completed just hours earlier.

Another capital statue, one of the philosopher Sir David Hume, also sports a shiny gold toe after superstitious students and tourists rubbed him for good luck since it was put up in 1997.

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