Second Tram-Jam in a few days


A BADLY-parked car brought an Edinburgh tram to a standstill for the second time in a few days.

Testing of the £776m project ground to a halt during a test run on Monday when a driver parked about 4ft from the kerb, blocking the tram lines.

The capital saw its first tram-jam last month when an ambulance on an emergency call parked on tram lines – stopping a tram in its tracks and causing traffic mayhem.

The driver parked about 4ft from the kerb - blocking the tram lines.


Critics of the controversial system say the incidents show that widespread traffic chaos will follow the launch of the tram system this summer.

Monday’s incident – made public by website Edinburgh’s Worst Drivers – resulted in a £30 fine for the miscreant.

One, puzzled road user, Lorna Aitken, wrote: “What’s the need for the massive gap? Worried someone on the pavement is going to scratch it? Ooops, no a tram did instead.”

Keith Pirrie said he was surprised it hadn’t happened sooner. He said: “The ambulance that blocked the trams before, you can understand, but this is going to happen again and again.”

But Bruce Sutherland had an alternative plan and said: “There is a tow truck on standby for this sort of thing… Hope it got used?”

Councillor Lesley Hinds, Transport Convener, said: “We continue to actively enforce parking and waiting restrictions along the tram route, paying particular attention to locations such as South St Andrew Street, West Maitland Street and Haymarket Yards.

“Any vehicle parked irresponsibly along the tram route risks being issued with a ticket and, if necessary, removed so that we can ensure the smooth running of the trams. Vehicle ownerscan incur a £180 charge to recover their vehicle if it’s removed.”

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