Hungry cabbie brings Edinburgh’s tram system to a standstill

A HUNGRY cabbie brought Edinburgh’s tram system to a standstill yesterday – after she parked up to get a McDonalds.
The thoughtless driver parked on double yellows at the east end of Princes Street and jumped out to grab breakfast.
Her vehicle stopped in its tracks one of the city’s trams, taking part in testing of the controversial £776m system.
It is the third known occasion in just a few months that parked vehicles have stopped trams.
Concern is growing that there could be gridlock when seven-day-a-week testing of trams starts next week.
The picture was posted by website Edinburgh’s worst drivers.
The tram was stuck for around 10 minutes. The driver was seen dashing out of the restaurant to move her cab when she finally realised she was causing the blockage.
But, to the amazement of passers-by, she simply made a U-turn, blocked the tracks in the opposite direction, and carried on with her meal.
In March a dark grey BMW 5 Series parked in a loading bay in South St Andrew Street – more than a yard from the kerb and jutting into the tram tracks.
The tram was unable to pass for more than ten minutes and resulted in a £60 fine for the motorist, believed to be in his late 20s.
In February, medics rushed from their vehicle, leaving it parked on a greenway – just as a tram pulled out of Shandwick Place.
A spokesman for Edinburgh’s worst drivers said: “This is not the standard you expect from professional taxi drivers.
“If they are not picking up a fare they should park in marked on street parking bays, or a car park like the rest of us!”
Transport Convener, Councillor Lesley Hinds said: “I will pass on the pictures to the Taxi Office for their action.”
Convener of the Regulatory Committee, Councillor Gavin Barrie commented: “These pictures have been sent on to the appropriate officer to deal with.”

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