Fearless fox finds Still Game star


STILL GAME actor Greg Hemphill has revealed a “freaky” encounter with a fox after it tried to eat his shoe.

The funnyman told fans on twitter on Monday morning, a fox had “walked right up and nibbled my shoe.”

The Scot tweeted a picture of the fearless animal with the caption, “up close and personal with a fox.”

Hemphill tweeted: “That fox thing was quite freaky. All my life they’ve run away but this time he’s walked right up and nibbled my shoe. They’re coming. #foxy.”

The fearless fox approached the Still Game star on Monday morning
The fearless fox approached the Still Game star



Amused fans of the comedian commented on the picture in disbelief.

Fan Dawn Marie tweeted: “Wow! No fear from foxy!”

Another fan Scottish Stevie said: “He is more scared of you than you are of him.”

A fox believed to be the largest in Britain was discovered on an Aberdeenshire farm in 2012, weighing 17.2kg and 4ft 9in (1.4m) from nose to tip.

Still Game fans are eagerly awaiting the sitcoms comeback tour in Glasgow in September this year.

The stars of Still Game agreed to play eight extra comeback shows after fans snapped up tens of thousands of tickets in hours.

With 12 performances now scheduled at Glasgow’s 12,000-seat Hydro arena, Jack and Victor’s long-awaited return looks set to be seen by 144,000 people.


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