Scottish potato gun video goes viral


A PINT-sized, potato gun-wielding Scots kid has become a worldwide hit after a video of him shooting older boys was posted online.

The fiery redhead – who could be as young as six – drops F- and C-bombs galore as he blasts his enemies in the face with a spud gun.

Hilarious footage of the street battle in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, has been viewed as far afield as the US and Australia.

One amazed foreign viewer commented that, “Scotland is f****d”.

After being posted at the weekend the video already has 12,809 likes and has been shared 6,107 times.

The Battle of Fir Park opens with a chubby primary school boy trying to kick and punch a high school student who has pinched his bike, which he throws to the ground.

The boy with the potato gun appears, shooting the cameraman at point-blank range, yelling: “Right in your face, you wee dumpling.”

The boy – who calls himself a “ginger ninja” – continues to shoot at the older boys until deciding to throw the potato itself.

When the potato is thrown out of sight down the street the potty-mouthed gunman yells: “Give me my f*****g potato back. You’re a knob, you fat arsehole.”

One of the boys, wearing a blazer, replies: “Who are you talking to, you wee ginger f***?”

The shooter then reaches into a pocket for more “ammo” – in the form of a new spud.

The battle – outside Motherwell’s FC’s ground – only ends when one of the high school boys stamps on the spud gun, smashing it to bits.

The video has attracted thousands of views from people across the world, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, with many finding the footage hilarious.

Aden Bardossi, from Sydney, Australia, said: “Your country’s f****d.”

Nathan Cole, from Belfast, reposted the video said: “Think I just died. Watch this. Hilarious.”

Louise Lawlor said: “Welcome to Motherwell.”

However, some people did not find the video so amusing.

Julie Banks from Aberaman, Wales asked: “How is this funny? It’s bullying plain and simple.”

Ben White wrote: “Bit out order breaking the gun at the end tbh. They’re only 6ish.”

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