Ewan McGregor tweets black and blue fight scene picture


HOLLYWOOD star Ewan McGregor has retweeted a film set snap of himself after being beaten black and blue in a fight scene.

The actor, pictured with make-up cuts and bruises on his face, is currently filming ‘Miles Ahead’ with US legend Don Cheadle, in which he plays a Rolling Stone journalist.

The picture was tweeted by the film makers, who joked: “You should see the other guy.”

A beaten-up selfie by the Scottish actor
A beaten-up selfie by the Scottish actor

The film focuses on the life of jazz icon Miles Davis and is set in 1970s New York.

Referring to the actor’s fake injuries, the filmmakers joked: “You should see the other guy.”

One concerned fan tweeted: “Ewan, you look thin! Is it for the character or you really just lost some weight? Awww.”

Some fans also made jokes about the star’s new shoulder-length hair cut, especially grown for the role.

Fahim Ahad tweeted: “Return of the Jedi mullet.”

Miles Ahead stars Don Cheadle – who also directs the film – as Miles Davis and McGregor as music journalist Dave Brill.

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