TV archaeologist Neil Oliver slammed on Twitter for panda comments


SCOTS TV archaeologist Neil Oliver has sparked a Twitter row by complaining about Edinburgh’s pandas.

The presenter of Coast and A History of Scotland was attacked on the social media site after complaining he was bored of Tian Tian and Yang Guang.

The 47-year-old, originally from Renfrewshire, moaned to his 35,000 followers on Tuesday: “Pandas are beginning to get on my nerves”.


Fans were quick to jump to the defense of the pandas, with Alistair Gemmell, from Ayr, tweeting: “Lost a lot of respect for Neil Oliver with that tweet right there.”

Scott Clark, from Golspie, warned: “Lay off the pandas Neil,” with Hayley Rust, tweeted: “What did the poor pandas do to you to make you so irritated?”

But some Twitter users agreed with Oliver’s statement, with Roger White, from Aberdeen, writing: “Only now? High tolerance. Respect.”

Tony McGonnell added: “Yeah, they’re a bit crap.”

Public interest in the pandas reached fever pitch this week when it was announced Tian Tian is pregnant and may produce Britain’s first giant panda cub by the end of the month.

The pair, on loan to Edinburgh Zoo from China refused to mate in 2012, and last year Tian Tian had a failed pregnancy.

After a backlash of comments on Twitter, Oliver wrote: “They’re on their way out the door, car keys in hand, and we’re holding them by the elbow saying “c’mon, just one more.”

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