“Sickening” video shows 100mph biker slalom through traffic


A MOTORIST has posted a video of the “sickening” moment a suicidal biker slalomed through dual carriageway traffic at 100mph.

The video, taken on Edinburgh city bypass, shows the bike roar in and out of view within five seconds, swerving lanes between at least five vehicles.

The clip, uploaded to website Edinburgh’s Worst Drivers yesterday (Thu), was taken a week earlier at the busy Lothianburn junction.

A clock overlaid on the video, taken by “CagersRage”, shows the bike come into frame at 14:31:59. A second later it is overtaking the car in front.

Five seconds after that it disappearing from view.

The driver says: “I for one am speechless. Having a “Think Bike, Think Biker” I was physically sick to see this rider taking such a big risk.

“Does this biker really want to be another statistic?”

The driver asks at another point: “If I’m doing 70mph what are you doing?”

The license plate can be clearly identified in the video.

Edinburgh’s Worst Drivers state on the website: “The footage recorded on the 9th September shows the reckless rider with a complete disregard for their own and also the safety of other road users.

“Filming car is reported to be travelling at 70mph and the motorcycle can be heard passing and is gone within seconds.

“Passing the Lothianburn junction the rider can be seen undertaking and weaving in and out of traffic at speeds estimated to be nearing 100mph.

Police Scotland have been asked to comment on the footage.”

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