Heavy waves and wind left Lewis beaches plastered with foam two feet thick


LEWIS is in a lather after heavy waves and wind left beaches plastered with foam two feet thick.

The island’s Dalmore beach was covered in a mass of froth on Tuesday morning as a result of organic matter in the water being whipped up.

Chris Murray, from Inverness, took pictures of his dog playing in the flying foam on Tuesday morning.


He said: “It was quite spectacular. I stood in the foam to take the pictures and even though I had wellie boots on I got soaked.”

Chris said his English springer spaniel, Ronan, “loved it”.


“It was all good fun. He had a dip in a river on the way home to get all the stuff off.

“I’ve not seen it quite like that before.”


The 63-year-old uploaded the pictures to Facebook with the caption: “Foam, foam and more foam at Dalmore today.”

Those who have seen the pictures have been shocked at the mass of froth.


Wolfy Wolf joked: “Who overdid the foam bath?”

Fiona McCallum said: “Add some more bubbles!”

Sea foam forms when dissolved organic matter in the ocean is churned up. Most sea foam is not harmful to humans and is an indication of a healthy ecosystem.

By Xantha Leatham

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