Flying dog returns- This time he’s a cape wearing Jack Russell.


A FLYING DOG’S fame has soared to new heights after recent photos emerged of him wearing a superman cape.

Stanley, five, became famous earlier this month when photo’s of him zooming through the air as he raced across Dunnet Beach in the far north of Scotland emerged online.

The new photos show Stanley resembling the the man of steel with a red cape fluttering behind him.




With his legs stretched out straight, Stanley appears for all the world like a canine Superman.

Steve, 59, said the pictures “sum up his character perfectly”.





He said: “Stanley absolutely loves life. He’s very active, extremely loyal and loves being around people. He’s a very happy dog.

“I didn’t even realise that he ran like this until I took pictures of him.”




One of the origional pictures, uploaded to social media, received 1,700 “likes” in 15 hours.


Steve said: “I was completely knocked out by the reaction. It was completely unexpected.”

John Bruce Ferguson commented on Steve’s page: “Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s a Jack Russell.”


Stanley as a puppy
Stanley as a puppy


Here’s the original story which brought to light Stanley’s soaring ability.



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