Ceilidh on the car deck

PASSENGERS on a wind-swept ferry decided to liven up their journey by having an impromptu ceilidh.
The normally quiet car deck was transformed into a wild scene of dance and music on a journey between two islands on Shetland.
A group of musicians returning from a festival provided the music and weary travellers joined in one-by-one.
A video of the spontaneous party shows bemused ferry workers looking on as around 30 whooping passengers reel about the deck.
pic courtest of Shetland Islands Council
The Shetland Islands Council ferry, MV Daglien on its regular Yell Sound crossing.
A full ceilidh band, including a fiddle player, guitarist and accordion, were returning the Shetland Folk Festival on the island of Yell to the main town of Lerwick.
The ceilidh apparently started on a band’s bus and transferred to the car deck for the entire 30-minute crossing.
 The video was posted on the Facebook page of Edinburgh band Adam Holmes And The Embers.
Musician Adam Holmes, 23, from Edinburgh, said: “We were on the bus and Saltfishforty started playing a version of Highway to Hell, called Highway to Yell.
“There was quite a lot of drinking involved. It was just pretty mental.
“It was quite magical. It felt like the Titanic before it went bad. It was quite beautiful – one of those special moments.”
Ian Pearson, assistant marine superintendent at Shetland Isles Council, said: “It’s very entertaining. It kind of happens from time to time with travelling musicians or the folk festival.
“There are no safety concerns for dancing on the car deck – you can get out of your car
on these ferries. it’s usually done on a fine summer’s night so the ferry doesn’t move much.
“One time I was a crew member on a ferry and a Russian band started playing. Of course, they all started Cossack dancing.”

The video can be viewed here:  https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=734901599893189&set=vb.177251088991579&type=2&theater

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