celebrating 25 years of the internet- here’s how far things have come


The internet celebrates its 25th anniversary this month and to mark the occasion here are some comparisons between 1989 and 2014.


This anniversary marks 25 years since the first ISP was opened to the public, in 1989 the internet was limited to the military and academic institutions.


Nowadays roughly 84% of the UK is online where they can view over 1 billion websites worldwide however in 1989 there were just 159,000 websites.


The figures come from a recently published report from leading online insurance provider Markel Direct who also state that 90,781 YouTube videos have been viewed every second in 2014.


The findings also point out that the internet is 315 times faster today than it was in 1989 and that a typical desktop pc has 68,000 times more memory available compared to 1989.


An average pc costs around £200 today whereas in 1989 the price was around £5000 pounds.


The startling comparisons can be seen on an interactive page on the Markel Direct website.



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