Rockstar sneak another reference to Scotland into GTA


THE Scottish games company behind GTA 5 have managed to sneak yet another reference to their homeland in the latest version of the game.


The game city of Los Santos – based on Los Angeles – features an advert on a garage wall for “Saul Tires” with the name printed on top of a Saltire.


Edinburgh-based Rockstar North are famed for placing Scottish references in the US-based franchise and some gamers set themselves quests to find them.




The latest find was made by an American gamer who put the evidence online.


The sign is tiny, only noticeable from a few feet away, and is hidden within an empty industrial estate in a remote part of the game world.


Other previously discovered Scottish references include a part of the game world called Hawick and, in tribute to Glasgow band Deacon Blue, a ship called Dignity floating in one of the harbours.




On November 18, GTA 5 was re-released for the “next gen consoles” the PS4 and Xbox One with updates including a first person point-of-view and higher resolution graphics.




Last week, Scots games guru Brian Baglow, who workedon the first version of the game, revealed that he argues with parents in games shops trying to persuade them not to buy the game for their children.


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