Models dish out money for parking


A TEAM of glamorous models dished out free money for parking meters to surprised Christmas shoppers in St Andrews yesterday.

The models, dressed in Santa hats, handed out pound coins to people parking on the Fife town’s main shopping streets.
They surprised stressed out shoppers by giving away £1000 in just two hours, between 12 and 2pm. They targeted the town’s main

shopping areas of South Street and Main Street, which have notoriously efficient traffic wardens.
The total adds up to 1000 hours of free parking, as each hour on the meters costs £1.
The cash came from a local lettings agent, who dreamed up the scheme to thank loyal customers and encourage them to donate any spare change to charity instead.


Outgoing lettings agent Paul Dickens, owner of the Alba agency in St Andrews, said he was inspired he was inspired to employ the “meter maids” after witnessing a similar scheme in the Australian resort of Surfers Paradise.

In previous years he has hired teams of both men and women, including kilted hunks, to hand out spare change to frazzled Christmas shoppers trying to park in Edinburgh.

He said that whilst the weather in St Andrews was slightly more frosty than Australia, they also had surfers and the residents were equally friendly.
He said: ““It might be a bit chillier, but it’s nice to introduce it to our very own surfing hotspot right here in St Andrews.
“We have established great relationships with our landlords and tenants, and share their pain at the spiralling cost of parking here in the town centre.
“Parking charges are one of those things we all hate shelling out money on.”
Mr Dickens, who lives in St Andrews, said the meter maids were easy to spot, as they were wearing jackets emblazoned with the

Alba St Andrews name as well as festive Santa hats.

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