This dog can’t stand the bagpipes and it’s hilarious


A DOG owner has posted a video showing how his pet howls every time it hears the bagpipes.


Normally gentle Jake the Weimaraner hates the instrument and lifts his head and starts howling within seconds of the pipes starting up.


Owner Jonathan Taylor says the bagpipes are the noise in the world – apart from Take That – that cause his pet to react in this way.





The 41-year-old from Darlington, County Durham, took a video of his “mad” pet, 7, and put it on YouTube.


Jonathan, a writer of science fiction novels, said: “I first noticed it when he was two years-old.


“I was watching the Edinburgh Tattoo on the TV and when the bagpipes came on he starting howling which we hadn’t ever seen him do until then.




“Then there was the time we were out for a Burns night in Darlington earlier in the year and there was a piper playing.


“Thankfully Jake was on the lead because he starting howling and pulling towards the the bagpipes to get at them.

“He wouldn’t hurt a fly though, he’s just like a big gentle puppy, he loves playing with other dogs and he’s great with the kids.”




“He’s absolutely mad.”


The only other time Jake has been known to howl is when Take That come on the TV.




Jonathan said: “He did start to howl at a Take That song once but I’m sure it had bagpipes in it.

“He does like to watch TV especially things with dogs in it. He sits there at tilts his head at the TV.”

One viewer responded: “Sweetest thing ever. Jake rocks.”

Another video of him on Jonathan’s Facebook shows his love/hate relationship for Marmite.

A barking Jake can be see bouncing back and forward, licking his chops and shaking his head when the Marmite jar is held out to him.


Weimaraner dogs are a German breed originally used as hunting dogs.


They make great family dogs due to their gentle nature and intelligence.


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