Two year old drummer becomes internet sensation


A TWO YEAR-OLD drummer has become an internet sensation after a video of his astounding skills was put online.

A video of toddler Jaxon Brown playing and singing to the Foo Fighters song ‘Pretender’ at the family home in Canton, Ohio was posted on Youtube earlier this week by his dad Justin, 27.

The video suggests Jaxon could one day be an even better drummer than Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl.

The video shows Jaxon sitting behind a 7 piece electric drum kit nodding his head to the music and keeping time with the song.

The talented tot even sings along to the song while hitting the drums with sticks which are half his size.

The video has racked up close to 160,000 views since it was posted last week and has attracted thousands of comments from stunned viewers.

Jaxon Brown drumming his little heart out



One read: “Rock your socks off – this lad is going to be a star!”

Another read: “He’s so little but he has that inner gift of rhythm.”

Other comments praised father Justin for stepping back and allowing young Jaxon to enjoy it: “This is amazing! Your kid is showing such incredible talent at such a young age, and I think it’s awesome that you’re fostering that in a way that’s fun for him.”

“The kid is a drumming jedi” read one comment.

Justin, a tech support agent for a telecommunications company called Timer Warner Cable said: “He first started showing an interest when he was 18 months old.

Jaxon and dad Justin Brown making faces for the camera


“I realised how talented he was when he quickly stopped just hitting and started keeping beats.

“I never taught Jaxon either, he learned to play by watching me and Youtube videos.”

When he isn’t being a musical prodigy Jaxon’s dad says he enjoys making a mess, playing with dog, toy cars and his older brother Blayten aged 6.

“He is a daddy’s boy for sure, kind of shy but once he opens up he’s a normal 2 year- old ball of energy.

“He loves the Muppets and his drumming inspirations are probably Animal from the Muppets and me” said Justin.

The tiny Jaxon plays drums on his dad’s Yamaha DTXtreme 2 electric drum set so that Justin can control the volume levels and reduce the risk of damaging his young son’s hearing.

After a long day on the drums Jaxon takes a long rest



Another video on Justin’s youtube channel shows a father and son duet with Jaxon on his fathers lap as the pair play along to a hip-hop song called ‘LaLaLa’ by American rapper MGK.

Other videos illustrating Jaxon’s sublime talent include a drum cover of a song called ‘Standing on the Edge’ by American metal band The Browning.

The video can be viewed on Justin Brown’s Youtube channel here

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