Scots birdman’s amazing pictures from “flying parachute”


AN intrepid Scottish birdman using a £7,000 “flying parachute” has shared his amazing images from up to 10,000ft.


Gordon Robertson uses a paramotor – a parachute with an engine on his back – to soar above the mountains, lochs and coastline.




The sport – which is less than 10 years old – is called by Gordon, 52, from Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, the “least regulated form of flying”.





Gordon, who works as a part time refrigeration engineer, spent over £4,000 on the engine and a further £2,000 on the wing and is allowed to fly anywhere in uncontrolled airspace.


His breathtaking images include soaring above the peak of the UK’s highest mountain, 4,409ft Ben Nevis.




He said: “It’s the cheapest form of flying. And it’s the most de-regulated as well. When you go up there the view’s just brilliant. One good flight can keep me going for weeks.




“I have dreamt of flying like Superman but this is different. I like flying up, switching the engine off, and gliding down.





“The engine is noisy but you have ear defenders.”




Gordon bought the motor soon after taking up paragliding, because Fraserburgh where he lives is fairly flat and it allows him to take off from the fields outside his house.




He said: “If the weather’s good I’ll fly every day. It fits in the boot of a small car, it dismantles. The biggest bit of the engine fits into a small suitcase – a lot of people take them on planes.”





Gordon’s series of videos are available to view on his page here


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