Calvin Harris award sent to Canadian


A PLATINUM award meant for Scots DJ Calvin Harris has been accidentally posted to his Canadian counterpart.

Deadmau5, a Canadian electronic dance musician, took to Twitter on Sunday evening to let the Scots DJ know the framed award had been sent to his house by mistake.

Deadmau5 – real name Joel Zimmerman – has a house in Ontario, whereas Calvin’s US home is over 3,200km away in Beverly Hills, California.

Deadmau5 took to social media to broadcast the mistake
Deadmau5 took to social media to broadcast the mistake


He uploaded a picture of the packaged certificate with the caption: “Congrats for the double platinum album. Sucks that it got shipped to my house!”

The photo clearly shows a framed certificate which states that Calvin’s song ‘Sweet Nothing’ was awarded ‘Certified double Canadian platinum’ for its digital downloads.


Luckily, Calvin took the news well, and replied that the mistake was ‘amazing’.

Deadmau5 also took to Instagram to share the blunder.

The DJ uploaded a picture of himself holding the award with the caption: “While someone might get fired…for shipping errors…I’d still like to thank my fans for my double platinum album 🙂 sweet!”

The song was awarded double platinum status in Canada
The song was awarded double platinum status in Canada


Calvin’s song, which features Florence Welch, received double platinum status by the Canadian Awarding Industry after reaching 160,000 Canadian downloads.

Worldwide, it has been downloaded over two million times. The song, released in 2012, reached the top of the UK singles chart and was in the top ten US Billboard Top 100 chart.

Calvin already holds 25 platinum certifications for his tracks, including triple and even quadruple platinum awards for songs ‘Feel So Good’, ‘Summer’ and ‘I Need Your Love’.

Deadmau5 himself holds the ‘Greatest House DJ Ever’ award and holds the International Dance Music Award for ‘Best Canadian DJ’.

He has remixed some of Calvin’s songs in the past, including ‘I’m Not Alone’ which was released in 2009.

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