UFO enthusiasts around the world debate Scottish UFO sighting


SCOTLAND’S UFO hotspot has switched from Bonnybridge to the Bonny Banks.


UFO enthusiasts around the world are hotly debating video of a “mysterious”, bright object which appears to hover above Loch Lomond.


The film, taken late on Sunday afternoon, shows a bright white light moving very slowly above the treeline and hills for 15 minutes.




Tens of thousands of people around the globe have watched the clip, filmed by Tom Hall at his home in Kinlochard in the Trossachs, about 10 miles north-east of Loch Lomond.


Opinions on the source of the light vary from the planet Venus, a flare or a drone to a “grey alien fleetship”.


Mr Hall insists none of these explanations fit the bill and Police Scotland and Coastguard say they have no record of aircraft in the area at time.




The footage was taken about 25 miles north-west of Bonnybridge, near Stirling, which has long been celebrated as one of the world’s hotspots for UFO sightings.


Mr Hall, who appears to have created a YouTube account to share the clip, can be heard in the video calling his wife to make sure she can see it.


At the end of the film they can be heard discussing what the object could be.




Mr Hall says: “Well, that was a UFO. You have seen a UFO, an unidentified flying object. It’s a UFO there’s no denying that.”


One internet user, Handen, said on Reddit’s UFO page: “Given that it’s setting into the direction of the setting sun, and that Venus is visible in the exact same spot in the sky at dusk, I would say that this is 100% a nuts and bolts Grey Alien™ habanu fleetship here to warn us of the dire consequences of nuclear weapons testing. Not. It’s Venus.”


Another on a website called Above Top Secret – Flesh699 – said: “Looks like swamp gas to me, or maybe it’s a compound cloud of butt stink from the natives.”


On a website called metabunk – the administrator Mick West said: “Yes, this is 100% Venus. In the right place, right size, right speed, right angle. Unless it’s some UFO trying to cover up Venus just for people in Scotland, then it’s Venus.”


Mr Hall stopped the comments on his Youtube video after receiving a number of messages from trolls.


He said: “ You wouldn’t believe the trolls and hatred I have got from one or two people commenting who are absolutely positive it was Venus and can’t believe anybody who thinks otherwise.
“They must have been literally shouting at me as they wrote their nasty messages.”


Craig Jump from Sky View Video Scotland, an aerial imaging business said he believed the light could be a drone or UAV given its flight time.


He said: “Its hard to tell what it is from the video, but I would think its a UAV with an ultra-bright LED light.


“My guess given the flight time is that it is a DJI Phantom with an LED light. It also has green and red LEDs under the arms. You can see some red in the video.”


Bonnybridge has around 300 UFO reports a year – it was dubbed a part of the “Falkirk Triangle” – an area stretching from Stirling to Edinburgh.


A Civil Aviation Authority spokesman said: “Because that area is uncontrolled airspace there is no tracking of aircraft in the area. So aircraft don’t have to contact any ground control. It’s difficult to say if any aircraft were there.


A spokeswoman from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said: “There were no call outs in the area at that time.”


A police Scotland spokesman confirmed there were no police helicopters in the area.


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  1. I wonder if it appeared the following evening. I does look like Venus to me. If you ever look at the moon, it move as at the same rate. Does this object get lower in the sky, or does it move horizontally? That would help to know.It looks like it is setting, as would Venus.

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