Michelle Mone’s home almost set on fire by bean bag


SCOTS bra queen Michelle Mone’s apartment was almost set on fire – by a beanbag.

The entrepreneur startled fans by tweeting that her beanbag was set alight by rays of sunlight reflecting off a mirrored table.

The 43-year-old was at her £2m flat in London’s Mayfair area when she smelt burning and found her beanbag smouldering by a window.

She tweeted: “OMG sun coming through the window, bean bag next to mirror table…bean bag has just gone on fire. Incredible how a house fire can start.”


Michelle Mone was at her £2m flat in London’s Mayfair area when she smelt burning and found her beanbag smouldering


Despite the alarming tweet, a spokeswoman for Mone confirmed that she was “absolutely fine” and managed to put out the fire.

She said: “Michelle is fine and there was hardly any damage caused to her apartment. However, I think she is a bit concerned what could have happened if she wasn’t there.”

Today’s weather in London was sunny with highs of 10 degrees C.

When fans saw the news they expressed their worry for the Ultimo boss.

Georgina Cassar said: “That’s so scary.”




Kevin Law added: “Oh dear. I hope there wasn’t much damage.”

One dedicated fan even uploaded a picture of a toy fireman, saying: “It’s OK, I’m running over in my fireman’s suit.”

In 2012, a snow globe almost burned an Oregon man’s house down in a similar incident.

The glass ornament magnified the sunlight onto the back of his sofa, which subsequently set alight.

The phenomenon occurs when light is focused onto one spot which then heats up very quickly.

Ms Mone, who left school at 15 and grow up in a one-bedroom Glasgow tenement, is expected to release her autobiography Fight To The Top next month.

She recently revealed that she’s lost 10lb in less than a month and 20 lb since the start of the year after giving up alcohol.

The busy millionairess has also been tipped to join BBC2 show Dragons’ Den after the departure of Kelly Hoppen, Piers Linney and fellow Scot Duncan Bannatyne.

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