Asda delivery driver parks across pavement


A SUPERMARKET delivery driver has been snapped apparently saving a few seconds by parking diagonally across a pavement.

The Asda van, in an image from website Scotland’s Worst Drivers, can be seen parked with its rear end sticking out into the road, close to traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing.


The image from website Scotland’s Worst Drivers


The driver left the van erratically parked on Tuesday night on Haddington Place, near Edinburgh’s city centre.

A spokesman for Living Streets, a charity which stands up for pedestrians, said it was “one of the most blatant examples of why Scotland needs robust and effective pavement parking laws”.

A spokeswoman for ASDA said: “All drivers have been re-briefed so they should know where they should and shouldn’t park when delivering to our customers.”

It is currently an offence to drive or park on a pavement, though parking on a road next to a pavement is generally permitted where there are no restrictions.

Local authorities and the police have the power to remove a vehicle if it is illegally parked, causing an obstruction or has been abandoned.

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