Les Mis actress Samantha Banks “drowns” in tough animal rights ad


ACTRESS Samantha Barks appears in a hard-hitting new animal rights advert drawing attention to the suffering of fish out of water.

The I’d Do Anything and Les Misérables star, appears to be drowning in the PETA advert, which spells out the fact fish suffocate out of water.

Banks appears to be drowning in the hard-hitting PETA ad
Banks appears to be drowning in the hard-hitting PETA ad


The group is trying to persuade consumers to stop eating fish with the slogan “Please Try to Relate, and Keep Fish off Your Plate.”

“Fish have the same capacity to feel pain and to suffer as dogs and cats do”, said PETA Director Mimi Bekhechi.

“PETA are delighted to have teamed up with Samantha Barks, a long-time vegetarian, to encourage the public to help all animals by leaving them off their plates.”

Winner of multiple awards for her debut film role in Les Misérables, Barks has starred in stage productions of Cabaret, Les Misérables, Oliver! and others. She next stars in A Hundred Streets alongside Gemma Arterton and Idris Elba.

Barks joins a growing list of celebrities – including Vivienne Westwood, John Bishop, Joss Stone, Paul McCartney and Joaquin Phoenix – who have teamed up with PETA to promote the group’s motto, which reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat”.

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  1. Fishing is a time honored, all be it cruel and violent, tradition. Society does not teach children to respect other living beings right to the same freedom’s and autonomy humans cherish, hence, human safety and freedom always hangs in the balance. Around here, ( NH)Trout Unlimited, a national pro-fishing group, complains that the Saco River which runs through all of Mount Washington Valley, is being disrespected by tourists who get drunk and rowdy and scare their fish away while they try to catch them!! They actually had meetings to encourage the river association to ensure people have more RESPECT of the river. WHAT!! So they can kill fish slowly by suffocation , extracting their struggling bodies out of THEIR homes, by yanking them with sharp hooks that pierce their faces??? FOr this form of entertainment and sport, you desire others act more respectfully on the river that you trespass into in the first place? Human activity is already imperiling ocean ecosystems from fishing and excess Co2 acidification which is degrading corral reefs, the basis of the marine mammal food chain. We do NOT need fish in our diets and there is something fundamentally wrong with the assumption we humans can kill whatever we please, for fun or economics. Our species is morally lost.

    • I find a huge Double Standard here. Samantha Banks has created a very powerful image regarding the slow suffocation of fish for consumption and yet everywhere else, she appears in photos donning expensive ,high heeled leather shoes. Is the slaughter of animals for vanity acceptable but not for consumption. I wish 1/10 of the energy on the specific suffering of a fish pulled from the sea was exerted on minimizing the human exploitation and cruelty that is behind 90% of all of the garments we demand for cheap and the human suffering : Drowning” around the world, caused by our Consumer Greed and Waste. Samantha promoted herself in a provocative Animal Rights PAC but she is by no means above wearing leather, purchasing slave -produced fashion items or strutting around in other items cruelly originated For that matter, very few of us, in our Greedy and Excessive Consumerism are immune to this double standard. So sadly, that is exactly what this ad represents..

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